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20 in 60: Day Four

I made this for dinner tonight.  Herb ricotta and rotisserie chicken stuffed crepes with asparagus and a light sauce.  The recipe is from the Food Network, and this photograph is from the website also.  Mine wasn’t quite as picturesque.  But it turned out well.  Perfectly light dinner for a stifling hot day like today.  Had a lovely brunch with my mom earlier at Kerby Lane.  I thought I was being good by ordering the smoked salmon egg white omelette, but ruined the healthfulness of the meal with an enormous buttermilk pancake smothered in butter and maple syrup.  It was worth it. :)

I went to the gym today and ran intervals on the treadmill.  The only other things I ate today was a small bowl of cereal and a piece of whole grain bread with hummus.  Also, I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how many calories I ate today and after scouring the internet and trying to remember what the hell was in my omelette I have decided that it takes way to much time to figure this stuff out.  So f**k it.  I’m sticking with the eating healthy plan and keeping conscience of the caloric value of things I eat when it’s available. 

On a bright note: I haven’t had any alcohol in two days!  That’s some self control!

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